This is a great way to kick off 2021! Maine musician Sean Slaughter, the man behind Maine's annual Queen Night has done it once again. Sean's "Masterstroke Queen Experience" teamed up with members from Composition Studio to make a great ZOOM performance of Bohemian Rhapsody. You better be pretty damn good to take on something as epic and complicated as Bohemian, but these Mainers brought it! You might see a quick cameo from a member of Queen as well. Look for the great Brian May! And the Captain from the WBLM Morning Show makes a non-musical cameo for his "Wayne's World" recreation with his lovely family in their AMC Pacer. The real stars of the video are some of the members of the Composition Studio, a non-profit here in Maine.

From Sean Slaughter:

"Composition Studio is an innovative music-focused leadership program of Creative Trails supporting adult musicians with intellectual uniqueness in creating original musical works as well as learning audio production, film scoring, podcasting and creative sound design techniques. Our program is a Community Support service as part of Creative Trails which is itself a part of a larger organization: Support Solutions which in addition to Community Supports also offers Residential Housing/support. We operate as a non profit."
Big shout outs to Kailee, Matt, Josh, Tyler, Gabe, and Alex from Composition Studio for starring in this video. And thanks to the amazing Maine musicians who are involved to bring us a great version to bring attention to this great cause.




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