What state produces the happiest coworkers?

A new survey by Industry Trends and CapRelo has ranked each state by coworker happiness.

Listening to "Kira and Logan in the Morning," you would probably guess that Kiki and I are best friends, right? After all, we start our day together at 4:45 AM and often communicate about our shows, jokes, or new segments from 5:00 AM until 8:00 PM.

WOKQ, Canva
WOKQ, Canva

Not to mention our Friday beers, where we get our significant others involved and intermingle our work and personal life. So, yes, we are best friends. But is that a normality?

As many work from home options are diminishing and companies are requiring more days in the office, I was curious to see where some of the New England states ranked on the list.

Before diving into the rankings, it is critical to know where the study came from.

According to a CapRelo article, 2,000 people from every state were asked to rank their coworkers on a scale of one to five (one being the worst and five being the best).

"The survey ran for a week at the end of November 2021," according to CapRelo. "To gain additional insights into what makes a great coworker, we asked what the best traits a coworker can have are, how much Americans trust their coworkers, and how working from home has affected coworker relationships."

The national average on a one to five scale was a 3.79, according to the report.

The two highest states were Vermont (4.05) and New Hampshire (4.02).

That means VT was 6.12% higher than the national average, whereas NH was 5.12% higher than the national average. Go New England.

CapRelo, Industry Trends
CapRelo, Industry Trends

The image above is a color-coded map of the US by lowest to highest-ranked coworkers. Orange-colored states are on the lower end, whereas the darker the blue, the higher the coworker rating.

Curious about the lowest-ranked coworkers? Nevada ranked in last place with a score of 3.44. This equates to an average rating that is 10.44% below the national average.

The survey highlighted a lot of really cool data that focused on qualities of work relationships. This data included what makes a good coworker, what percentage trusts their coworkers, and even a breakdown of what coworkers look for in other workers based on generation.

It sounds like a lot of people in New Hampshire and Vermont have coworkers like me and Kira. We may sign off from the airwaves at 10:00 AM, but our friendship carries on throughout the day.

If working from home isn't going well, or your current coworkers are not your favorite, I would suggest looking in the Granite or Green Mountain States.

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