It's not made in Maine, but it is distributed from Maine.


When you see that familiar old label, you immediately think Maine. One-Pie IS New England’s unofficial brand, used for generations! The label and ingrediants haven't changed in over 50 years. The ingrediants? Pumpkin. Just pumpkin, but somehow it's perfect and the only brand for all things pumpkin: pie, cookies, cheesecake (it's amazing) get the picture.



Yankee Magazine got curious about the exact origins of the delightful One-Pie. Come to find out, it's origins are 100% Maine. Back in the 19th and early 20th century, Maine used to be known for canning. At one point home to over 100 canneries. Why Maine? The waters and cool climate made canning and shipping ideal. Maine canned sardines, sweet corn, beans, apples, and, yes, pumpkin.



One-Pie canned pumpkin actually started at the Medomak Canning Co. in Winslows Mills, a village in Waldoboro.The day of Maine's canning has long since gone, and even though One-Pie is still distributed from West Paris, it's actually made in Illinois. But I bet you have at least 4 cans of it in your cabinet right now!



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