Happy National Pizza Party Day!
Why isn't today a national holiday? May 20th is National Pizza Party Day. When it comes to pizza, I am a pretty basic guy. I would my favorite kind of pizza is pepperoni or BBQ chicken pizza.
Where's Your Favorite Fishing Spot?
The ice was out early this year and that means a long fishing season in Maine!
Maine sure has plenty of fantastic lakes and streams to fish in. Maybe your favorite fishing spot is Belgrade Lakes, Moosehead Lake, Lake Auburn, or Sebago Lake?
What's Your Favorite Steve Winwood Era [POLL/VIDEO]
I did a post a few weeks ago spotlighting the different eras of Eric Clapton. One of his former band mates has also had a very storied career. Like a lot of people, when I like something from an artist I typically go back to see what they've done in the past. Steve Winwood was no exception.
What's Your Favorite Clapton Era? [POLL+VIDEO]
I recently watched the new video from Eric Clapton's new tribute project to the late J.J.Cale.  Cale, of course was responsible for not only a handful of Clapton's most memorable, signature songs, but also some notable classics covered by other artists.  It got me thinking about …
What's the Best 80s Teen Movie [VIDEO]
As I get older I seem to get a bit more nostalgic. I think that's a natural thing. It's no secret I was born in the 70s and raised in the 80s so I have a soft spot for things with a heaping helping of 'cheese.' With that in mind I thought I'd ask what your favorite 80s &apos…
Football Season is Here
It hit me over the weekend like a ton of bricks.  I’ve been so busy that it must have slipped past me.  I’ve been talking about our Pro Football Picks contest on the air and it still kind of eluded me that it’s that time of year.  My fav…