Supergirl had its fun introducing an actual Superman early into Season 2, though it stood to reason Tyler Hoechlin wouldn’t be sticking around forever. Naturally, fans would love to see the brighter, cheerier take on the Man of Steel again, to which CW head Mark Pedowitz updates on the possibility of a return, or perhaps even a spinoff.

Where previously executive producer Andrew Kreisberg claimed a Superman series was possible, but “not our focus,” Pedowitz answered the question anew from a TCA press tour panel on Sunday. Sadly, our futures seem entirely devoid of any non-Cyborg Supermen (via EW):

Tyler did a great job. There’s no plan to do a series. There are no plans at the moment for him to return [to Supergirl]. If they wish to have him return, we’d love to have him.

Intriguingly, Pedowitz couldn’t speak to any potential rights conflict with the upcoming Justice League movie, saying “I can’t even answer the question yet because at this time there are no plans to do it and there have been no discussions about it.” DC famously granted Supergirl access to the character for two episodes, with subsequent episodes largely downplaying his presence elsewhere.

Supergirl is confirmed to return for Season 3, so might any additional Superman appearances have to wait until then? Stay tuned for the latest on Season 2 in the meantime.

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