After a small intermission that followed Aziz Ansari, SNL is back and ready for its big February encore. As such, host Kristen Stewart and star Beck Bennett workshop their musical in this Saturday’s first promos. They’ve even got three whole words down!

Having taken a few weeks off in January, SNL dropped the first February promos for this Saturday’s hosting debut of Sundance short director and apparent A.I. specialist Kristen Stewart. Beck Bennett had to provide his own musical accompaniment, as the week’s guest Alessia Cara is nowhere to be found.

Next week will see all-time SNL hosting champ Alec Baldwin adding a 17th notch to his running tally, joined by musical guest Ed Sheeran. Hopefully, Baldwin will get to trot out more than his Trump impression, but the way things are going after the Inauguration, who knows?

Check out Stewart’s promos above, and stay tuned for more from this weekend’s SNL return.

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