Hey, we STILL can’t say "Baked In A Buttery Flaky Crust."

Maine Life Media is a show that features broadcast news veteran Erin Ovalle, as she travels around the Pine Tree State, celebrating the joys of living in Maine. She recently paid a visit to Hermon, to stop by the iconic Dysart's Truck Stop & Restaurant to chat with the owners, Tim and Mary, and you will recognize a now very famous couple who became social media sensations back in 2013.

Outtakes from a Dysart's commercial called "Baked In A Buttery Flaky Crust" took the Bangor area and YouTube by storm in 2013, and in the last eight years, it has racked up a whopping 8.2 million views since it was uploaded by Sutherland Weston Communications of Bangor. The ad featuring the adorable restaurant regulars, John Palmer and his wife Sonja, has become the stuff of legends around these parts.

It's the most-watched video you will find when you type "Bangor, Maine" into a YouTube search, and it even spawned a parody from SNL called "Dickenson's Roadside Diner" with Will Ferrell and Kate McKinnon. A few years back, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, brought it back into our minds yet again.

John and Sonja also joined local residents by showing their support for our community by following experts' advice to wear a mask when in public, as part of the Mask Up For ME campaign during the thick of the pandemic.

Dysart's Restaurant opened on Mother's Day of 1967 and hasn't slowed down since. and back in 2014, they opened a Bangor location that we love too.

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