If you were driving in and around the city of Presque Isle on Wednesday, it might have taken you a few minutes more than it typically does to get from one end to the other. Shortly after 3:00 p.m. the traffic was backed up going from north to south. 

My first thought was "even this is quite long for KFC”. This was not a backup from KFC/Taco Bell. Instead, the city's public works department had been doing work in one particular area from sun-up to sunset on Wednesday. We do not have an official word on what exactly the crew was doing for work, but we thank them for their work to keep Presque Isle looking good.


This particular Star-City traffic jam was back to wide open as crews completed the work in the northbound lane of main street in Presque Isle. On the south end of the city near the "downtown "region of Presque Isle, crews continued their work painting lines on the new patches of pavement. The paint work did cause some delays in traffic during the early morning to mid-morning hours.  

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As we get deeper into fall many projects are getting wrapped up before the deep freeze can arrive and settle in. Be alert and on the lookout for flaggers and crews as they are popping up in many different areas, during this time of year. You can keep up to date with the City of Presque Isle Facebook page and you can access the city's website here.

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