He's on top of the world right now, and I have to admit I've DVR'd every episode of 'The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon' since it debuted. I like Jay Leno, a lot. I simply didn't think he was that funny. A lot of his stuff seemed contrived. Jimmy Fallon is nailing it, but to be honest he didn't always.

When Jimmy was on 'Saturday Night Live,' he was always the one who couldn't hold his composure during the skits. I'm sure it drove the other actors crazy. It was funny sometimes, but it seemed like every skit he broke out in laughter. Check out his audition for SNL, minus the audience reaction, below.


Jimmy Fallon seems to be bringing a youthful energy to late night and I think so far he's hitting out of the park. What do you think? Tell us on Facebook.


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