The Limestone Fire Department posted some historic photos of the turnout gear firefighters have used over many years.

Decades of Changes to Firefighting Gear

This includes the jacket and bunker pants that help protect them when they are doing their very difficult jobs. All the gear is critically important including the boots, helmets, respiratory apparatus, communication equipment just to name a few. We probably don’t have the exact jargon for everything, but you get the point.

The crew at the Limestone Fire Department went back several decades to show the evolution of some of the jackets and pants.

Check Out the Photos

We’ve included the Facebook post because the firefighters in Limestone do a really good job describing the way the turnout gear has advanced from just a jacket and boots in the 70’s, the additions in the 80’s, the upgrades in the 90’s and the more custom styles in the 2000’s.

History in the Making

Over the years, the gear has changed and gone through some needed changes and improvements - both in the safety and for the ease and comfort to allow fire officials to respond quickly and save lives.

Firefighters are There When You Need Them Most

It’s a fascinating representation and a real historic look at the job we admire so much. Firefighters are on the front line and save the lives of our loved ones, our neighbors, pets and property. They are the neighbors in our communities and family members who are the first to respond when things go bad.

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Limestone Fire Department on Facebook

Make sure you like the Limestone Fire Department’s Facebook page. They release important information and also post cool stuff like the turnout gear photos.

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