Sports fans and gamblers alike can rejoice as this weekend will feature no shortage of action. The Kentucky Derby is the headline event of the weekend with the NFL Draft and a full slate of Major League Baseball on tap. 

Running for the Roses 

The Kentucky Derby returns to its traditional date on the first Saturday of May after a modified version of the Derby last fall due to the pandemic. Post time is 6:50 pm and the favorite heading into the Kentucky Derby is a horse named Known Agenda. Essential Quality, Hot Ride Charlie, and Rock Your World are other names you'll want to be following around the track. 

133rd Kentucky Derby
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Hi, my name is 

The NFL draft will introduce us to some fresh faces as the league holds its event in Cleveland this year. Our hometown New England Patriots are slated to pick in the first round out of the #15 spot. The Patriots have 10 picks in total across the seven-round draft. Stay tuned because there are many rumors the Patriots will be very active this weekend.  

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Deep in the heart of Texas 

The boys of summer from Boston are in Texas this weekend taking on the Rangers. The Red Sox go into the series sitting in first place of the American League East. You can expect a lot of offense anytime the game is played in Texas. This will be the Red Sox first time playing in the all new Globe Life Field. All of the action can be heard right on 101.9 The Rock.  

Seattle Mariners v Texas Rangers
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