Fresh off another winter storm that left cars coated with dangerous ice all across Maine, a representative is looking to adjust a Maine law that would force motorists to clean snow and ice off of their entire car before operating it or face a potential fine.

Winter car - woman remove snow from windshield with snow brush

According to WMTW, representative Dustin White believes Maine should follow other winter-worn states in mandating that drivers clean the entirety of their car before heading out on the roads. Currently, Maine law only mandates that motorists clean their windshield as well as side windows before operating a vehicle. But as Maine's winters continue to be filled with more mixed precipitation, leaving snow and ice on the roof is increasingly becoming a public safety issue.

As it stands now, the plan to alter the law is in its infancy. The proposal should get approval within a week, which would allow further investigation into what the potential changes may look like and down the line, a possible vote to make the change official. When the change would go into effect as well as what a fine for a violation of the law would like would be determined at a later date.

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