Maine DOT Tells You How To Avoid The Dreaded “Second Shovel”
You've spent all morning shoveling your driveway. You are cold, wet, and tired. And it's not even 7am yet. You go in to get dressed for work. You come back out to get into your car and...the city plow has PLOWED YOU IN. It's demoralizing! And completely unnecessary. Our friends at the Maine Department of Transportation have given us the trick to avoid the dreaded "Second Shovel."
Only in Maine: Using a Leaf Blower to Clean Off The Snow From A Car
Here's an easy way to get the snow off your car. Use your leaf blower! We found this one on Reddit and we think more than a few Mainers might try this with the upcoming storm on Tuesday, and again on Thursday. It probably works best on the light, fluffy stuff but as you can see from the video when your crank that leaf blower up it just blasts the snow right off!

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