There are just some rock star stories that seem too good to be true. You may think that's the case after hearing the story that Questlove shared on Facebook over the weekend. Questlove, who's real name is Ahmir Thompson, is known for his work with The Roots as well as being an award-winning music producer. But before he gained fame, Questlove spent a lot of his adolescence on tour with his parents. Both his mother and father were performers for a doo-wop group, traveling from coast to coast for shows. That included some shows in Portland, Maine and a night that changed Questlove's life forever.

He shared this incredible handwritten note from May 25th of 1976 on social media and the backstory that accompanies it. To summarize, a 5-year-old Questlove asked a complete stranger named Ellie for a turntable for a few records to start his collection. He mentions in his retelling that he never expected Ellie would show up the next night with a new turntable and the exact records he'd asked for. Everything from the Jackson 5 to Neil Sedaka(!?). But that act of kindness from Ellie left its mark on Questlove. So much so, that he has held on to the scribble left with the gift after all these years.

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Questlove is now on the search for Ellie. He doesn't have a last time to help solve the mystery quickly, so he decided to reach out to anyone and everyone in Maine as a shot in the dark. All of this occurred back in 1976, so what are the chances that he may really end up finding Ellie?

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Well, social media is pretty incredible sometimes. A commenter on Questlove's post named Debbie Burriss believes that her mother is the "Ellie" in the story. She's still alive and well and Debbie believe the handwriting is the key to a match. It hasn't been confirmed by Questlove yet, but imagine for a moment if this connection is made. 44 years later, Ahmir may get to say "thank you" to Ellie one more time.

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