There are certain things Pixar fans are known to do. They love to hunt down the company’s Easter eggs, like A113 and the Pizza Planet truck. They frequently weep at children’s films. And they compulsively rank all of the studio’s movies — of which there are 22 and counting with the release of the animation giant’s latest effort, Onward.

In honor of Onward (try saying that five times fast), this Pixar fan humbly presents his deeply personal (and yet, somehow, 100 percent objectively correct) ranking of those 22 movies. Compared with some of the other franchises, universes, or genres I’ve ranked, this was an absolute pleasure. (Okay, maybe not an absolute pleasure; there was still the small matter of Cars 2. Still, it could be — and has been — so much worse.) Without further ado, here’s every Pixar film ranked from worst to best.

Gallery – Amazing Pixar Easter Eggs: