People who grew up in Maine are used to hearing the same questions on loop! Do you strictly eat lobster rolls? Do you know Stephen King personally? What about Patrick Dempsey? In their defense, the state of Maine has MANY claims to fame but being the birth place of McDreamy is certainly high on the list.

As you probably know, McDreamy- I mean Patrick, still has very strong ties to his home state of Maine. The work he does with The Dempsey Center is inspiring. They have helped so many families who are managing the impact of cancer.


Pat (do you like that I call him Pat like we are old chums?) sat down with Maine Magazine to talk about how growing up in Maine shaped him as a person and what keeps him returning to his home state.

According to the article, Patrick grew up in the small town outside Lewiston-Auburn called Turner until the age of 12 and then they moved to Buckfield. Moving to New York City at the age of 17 was obviously a massive shift after growing up in rural Maine. He loves returning to Maine because it makes him feel more centered and connected with himself.

The article goes on to say that Patrick loves the small time vibe of Maine:

"everybody knows everybody, so you have to be able to get along, and if you don’t agree with your neighbor, you have to be able to work through it and be civilized. I think those are important lessons that we need to remember right now, more than ever"

And don't quote me on this, but it seems like when everything is said and done, he sees himself retiring in Maine. How cool would that be? Check out the full article here.

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