Matt Cowan, Getty Images
Matt Cowan, Getty Images

How often have you been to a Halloween Party and heard some really ghoulish songs or watched some scary music videos? We have our top 5 favorites here!

Billboard Magazine has listed their Top 40 favorite Halloween songs of all time, but we have our favorites too. And we've listed our Top 5 favs below. Enjoy!

  • Thriller – Michael Jackson’s song hit number 4 on the Top 100 back in 1984. My favorite part is the Vincent Price monologue and laughs at the end.
  • Ghostbusters – In 1984, Ray Parker Jr. from Raydio asked us all the question, “Who Ya Gonna Call?”
  • Superstition – Stevie Wonder let us know that “superstition ain’t the way” back in 1972. Can you dig the big hair, bell bottoms, and butterfly collars?
  • Dead Man’s Party – Danny Elfman and Oingo Boingo relay what life might be like at a dead man’s party, but they have to leave their body and soul at the door before entering in.

What is your favorite Halloween Music Video? Feel free to share your favorite video in the comments section below. We hope you enjoyed these ones.


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