Have you done the Target Dress Challenge?


First let's discuss what exactly is the #Target Dress Challenge? According to Buzzfeed, it started with a post on Imgur in December.

Target has decided if we’re gonna suffer a pandemic, we might as well look like we just lost the farm after locusts ate our crops.




Hysterical! People from all over have been taking this challenge quite seriously. Like Melissa Toma out of Minnesota.

Melissa Tomas Facebook

That brings us to Sara in Norway. I keep in touch with Sara thanks to her chicken Francine and her little one Paul and their friendship.

Sara McEvanster

And now I'm digging her Target Dress Challenge!

Stacey Grondin Photography

These are fantastic! I'm not sure what Target's goal was with these dresses, but I love the outcome. These are so creative! You'd have to be creative to deal with those dresses. What the hell was Target thinking? Don't give a nation stuck at home an ugly dress...they're gonna rise to the challenge!



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