Northern Maine Fair Dates

The Northern Maine Fair is all set to take place Thursday, August 4 - Sunday, August 7, 2022. There’s a countdown on their homepage. All of the awesome events and activities are featured including the demolition derby, tractor pulls, fair food, beef auction and much more.

"Lil’ Lumberjacks at the Fair"

There’s also a new addition called the “Lil’ Lumberjacks at the Fair.” This is modeled after the “Lil’ Farmers exhibit that started in 2011.

Interactive Exhibit

The “Lil’ Lumberjacks at the Fair” is an interactive exhibit to give children and adults the opportunities to learn more about forestry, trees and the industry. It’s free to the public.

Featuring Forestry and the Industry

Shawn Bugbee, who  is the lead on the new display, said, “Lil’ Lumberjacks will be set up in a similar format as Lil’ Farmers, a two-year project that will begin this spring with an anticipated completion in 2023. It is our desire to provide fair goers of all ages the opportunity to interact and learn more about trees, forestry, and the forest products industry through a variety of interactive exhibits.”

Lil’ Lumberjacks at the Fair is Designed for Education

Bugbee added, “Maine has the largest contiguous, privately owned working forest in the United States and is an $8.5-billiondollar industry. The forest industry provides many valuable products and offers multiple opportunities that many folks in our communities may not be aware of. The Lil’ Lumberjacks at the Fair exhibit is being designed to educate children and adults about the variety of forestry products and walk them through the process of growing trees to the end-use products.”

Location at the Fair

The location for “Lil’ Lumberjacks at the Fair” will be near the Northern Maine Forest Resource Education Center.

Northern Maine Fair Facebook

Look for updates on the Northern Maine Fair Facebook page.

Contact Information

Contact Shawn Bugbee at (207) 227-1799 or if you want to take part in “Lil’ Lumberjacks” or need more information. You can also reach out to the Fair President, Lynwood Winslow at (207) 227-4690,

Watch the Video of “Lil’ Farmers” from 2011

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