For lovers of the grunge era and music biographies alike, there is a frustratingly small selection of grunge books to choose from on the market right now — especially about Soundgarden. Luckily, now there's a new book by Greg Prato called Dark Black and Blue: The Soundgarden Story.

Soundgarden were one of the top bands of the Seattle rock wave. After calling it quits in the late '90s, they returned in 2012 with a sixth studio album and were working on a seventh when frontman Chris Cornell took his life.

Despite the impact the band and vocalist have had on rock bands since then, there aren't many biographies that go into detail about the band's history at all. Dark Black and Blue tells the stories of the members' lives before they joined forces and became a dominating rock outfit, in addition to the band itself.

"For some odd reason, there have been few books written about Soundgarden’s career…despite quite a few fans such as myself strongly feeling that not only was Soundgarden the greatest grunge band of them all, but also, one of the greatest rock bands ever," author Greg Prato wrote of the book in a statement.

"Realizing that this flub needed to be corrected, I have constructed Dark Black and Blue: The Soundgarden Story – the first-ever book that recounts Soundgarden’s complete history, all the way from its members’ early years and formation, through to Chris Cornell’s tragic death."

The book features interviews with music legends Matt Pinfield, Phil Anselmo, Marky Ramone and more. There are background stories to some of the band's more famous songs and from their tour treks with bands like Guns N' Roses.

Order Dark Black and Blue: The Soundgarden Story here.


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