Barry McCrum, chair of the Northern Light Health Board of Directors, announced today  that a new President and CEO for Northern Light Heath has been named.

Last November, then Northern Light Health president and CEO M. Michelle Hood,  announced that she would be leaving the system at the end of March for a leadership position with the American Hospital Association.

Northern Light Health’s current senior vice president and chief operating officer, Tim Dentry, has accepted the position of president and CEO. McCrum says Dentry's experience, passion for quality and a culture of caring, and dedication to Maine and Northern Light Health made him the outstanding choice as the system’s next leader. “We found that we have the right candidate at the right time, right here at home,” McCrum said.

Dentry became chief operating officer of Northern Light Health in 2016. He is responsible for administrative direction, evaluation, and coordination of the system and its member organizations. Dentry said he is both humbled and grateful the board saw in him the leadership qualities necessary to keep Northern Light Health moving forward. Dentry is expected to begin his new duties on April 1, 2020.

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