Fresh on the heels of the attack on major Saudi Arabian oil sites, gas prices around New England have gone up a bit.

The latest survey by show that prices at the pump here in The Pine Tree State rose 3.3 cents a gallon to an average $2.55 a gallon. Prices in the urban footprint of Presque Isle Monday morning ranged from a low of $2.70 to a high of $2.73 a gallon, an increase of 6-9 cents over last week's prices.

New Hampshire prices saw a rise of 2.3 cents a gallon to an average price of $2.48 and Vermont had a slight rise in gas prices, coming in at $2.63 a gallon.

Meanwhile, the national average was 7.3 cents a gallon higher than a month ago, but 17.4 cents lower than a year ago. The national average this week was $2.66 a gallon.

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