Summer brings so much to the New England region.  Vacations and day trips for the summer weeks, by locals and by tourists, are part of the plan, but you need gas to get where you're going.

Have you noticed you can pass your local gas station one day and check the price, and the next morning it has risen by 10 cents per gallon?

How do we keep filling our tanks when it costs us $60-$90 per week just to commute and run errands?  Imagine driving to the South for vacation? According to, the average gas price in June of 2021 was $3.15 per gallon. Today, the average gas price here is $4.69.  That's 33% higher in one year, which is outrageous.

Ginny Rogers
Ginny Rogers

This made me wonder how many things we use on a daily or weekly basis that are cheaper than a gallon of gas.

What's the stuff that brings us happiness, like the freedom of a road trip?

I had to think about this because wants and needs are different.  I want to drive to a vacation spot, but need to get to work daily.  I want an expensive ribeye steak, but need the protein of a hamburger to sustain energy.

We make choices every day, but the prices of items we rely on are rising as inflation increases, and the economy forces us to think about our choices.  Traveling is one of the freedoms releasing us from our stresses, and shouldn't be contingent on worrying about the price of gas.

Ok, let's have a look at 20 things cheaper than a gallon of gas. Wait til you see what's at the end of the list!

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