"I understand the desperation right now, some people are embarrassed to ask for help."

This was said by the pastor, from Leeds Community Church. According to an article put out by The Miami Herald, persons unknown have stolen gallons of gas from the church.

As we all are aware, prices of gas are outrageous right now. Prices have been on the raise for a while and we are all suffering as a result.

According to the article, a parishioner walked into his church and noticed that it was freezing inside. Because of that, he went to check the oil tank and it was empty. This happened on Sunday, March 6th. Rev. Steven Allman reported that the oil was stolen.

According to USA Today,

"The nationwide average for regular gas is now $4.32 a gallon, according to AAA. On Wednesday, the cost was $4.25, once again eclipsing the previous all-time record of $4.11 set in July 2008. When adjusted for inflation, that would be around $5.25 today."

This means that despite the current prices, it will most likely continue to raise. People in Maine are being forced to eliminate other expenses to save for fuel. We are all feeling the hurt of this issue. But some people are so desperate that they feel they need to steal from a church.

Google Maps
Google Maps, Leeds Family Church

Rev. Allmand says in the article that he understands a lot of people are struggling due to the gas prices and people are panicking. He also added that, as a church, they give people money for gas. He adds that he thinks that instead of stealing, these people should have just asked for the gas instead. Which makes this even more sad and unfortunate.

Now, all stories have a silver lining and of course this one does too. As the community heard about the gas, they generously have donated to the church to recoup what was stolen. The outpouring of support was incredible and the article states that even a girl scout troop donated to help!

As of right now, they have received most of the oil that was stolen and are so very grateful to community members and businesses that have chipped in, to support this church, reported from Miami Herald. 

"We're seeing the best and worst from people in the these times I guess," says Rev Allman

When something like this happens in Maine we see what our community is made of. Even though this story started with a crime, it ended with an outpouring of love from the community.

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