A new public information tool was released this week specific to potential flooding concerns that people all over Aroostook and New Brunswick have during this time of year.


Aroostook EMA Director Darren Woods says, “This page is a collaboration of agencies and communities in an effort to increase public information on spring flooding conditions in our area.”  The intent is not to take away the value of information from other sites, but it is meant to be a "one-stop-shop" of anything flood related in Aroostook County.

We highly encourage people to post pictures and information of what is going on in your area so that we can share this data with all interested parties quickly.  This piece is very crucial, the public can provide us with a lot of data to ensure that we get information and potential warnings out much more efficiently.

This new page enhances the current partnerships created with officials from the National Weather Service, Aroostook EMA, Aroostook Sheriff’s, local communities and media organizations..

“We are hoping with this collaboration of public and private partnerships we can get information out faster since the folks running the page are all constantly on watch for potential flooding hazards this time of the year.”

For this to truly be successful, people need to go to this new page, like it, share it, and feel free to actively participate in the exchange of information.

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