Just under two months before the official changeover from fall to winter and we've already had a taste of the white stuff.


The National Weather Service office in Caribou said the snowfall there set a record for October 24th with 2.6 inches of measured snow. The previous record for the date was 1.3 inches. Presque Isle had a report of 3.7 inches. And in southern Aroostook, Houlton reported half a foot, while Dyer Brook checked in with 9 inches.

Which leaves me to wonder, who had kids wake up and ask if there was school today, hoping that it would be cancelled and they could stay home. It's sort of like waking up for potato harvest and hoping that your farmer called in to say that he wouldn't be digging that day or would be starting later in the day.

I can only imagine the number of people who brought in their vehicle to have snow tires put on. It seems like the first snowfall brings them out in droves. Plus, you've got to try and remember where you put your brush and scraper from the end of last season.

It's only the beginning, but that first bit of white stuff seems to provide that cold slap of reality across the face and lets us know that for the next 6 months or so, we're at its mercy.

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