NB Power is looking for ways to get better data on river ice out information.

The past 2 years they have been testing a piece of technology that would assist them with that, and also provide that information to both Aroostook Emergency Management and the New Brunswick Emergency Measures Organization in Canada.

This year, they will be expanding their testing to include the Saint John River.  This will be done by placing a 5-gallon pail on the ice at the Dickey Bridge in the Town of Allagash that has GPS technology sealed inside.  This should be in place by the middle of April.

Aroostook County Emergency Management Agency Director Darren Woods stated, “This has the potential of becoming a great source of information for us by allowing us to be alerted when the ice starts to move and the pail will transmit real-time data of where it is moving to or even if it gets hung up.”

NB Power officials and Emergency Management officials are asking the public to please not disturb this device once it is placed on the river.  “We need folks to understand what it is and that it is important for us to not move or disturb the pail so the data won’t be compromised.” said Woods.

New Brunswick Emergency Measures Organization Director Greg MacCallum stated, “This device will provide even better situational awareness of ice movement in the Saint John River and we appreciate the cooperation and assistance provided by our partners at the Aroostook County Emergency Management Agency.

This picture is a representation of what that pail will look like, and officials want people to share this information so that everyone understands what it is.

Anyone that has questions or concerns are encouraged to contact the Aroostook County Emergency Management Agency for more information at 493-4328 or on their Facebook Pages for EMA and/or Aroostook County Flood Watch.

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