World record holder Bill Warner was attempting to hit 300 mph within a 1 mile stretch at the former Loring Air Force Base in Limestone around 10am this morning when the accident that would claim his life happened.

Loring Timing Association
Loring Timing Association

Florida resident Bill Warner made it about 4,000 feet today on his modified turbocharged Suzuki Hayabusa when he lost control of his motorcycle and reportedly slid 1,000 feet during a speed trial at the Land Speed Races.

Officials say he was taken immediately to Cary Medical Center in Caribou where he died a short time later.

According to the Loring Timing Association, Warner set a world record at the time trial in 2011, when he became the first conventional motorcyclist in history to top 300 mph. On a 1.5-mile course, he maxed out at 311.945 mph. Just yesterday, Warner broke the 1-mile record at Loring when he hit 296 mph.

The remainder of the time trials have been cancelled.

Thoughts and prayers go on to the family and friends of Mr. Warner.

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