Motorists are getting an early Christmas present at the gas pumps. Gas prices have dropped a few more cents around New England.

According to, here in the Pine Tree State, the price of gasoline dropped to an average of $2.38 a gallon, a drop of 3.9 cents. In Presque Isle, most stations were at $2.49 a gallon as of Sunday.

Next door in New Hampshire, gas there fell 2.9 cents to $2.46 a gallon. Pump prices in Vermont fell 3.8 cents to $2.58 a gallon.

Meanwhile, the national average decreased by 5.7 cents over the previous week to $2.36 a gallon. That's a drop of 26.1 cents a gallon over the last month, but just 5.7 cents lower than at this time last year.

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