Maine has another hit television sensation on its hands. Live from Somerville, Maine, it's Tirdy Works! And boy, is this show CRAPPY. No, literally. Tirdy Works follows Mary and her family as they try and make their novelty moose poop business come alive. Mary makes all kinds of crafty things from moose crap. You can check out all the crappy products here.

We love Mary and her crew. But it seems that someone else is trying to get into the act. Yup, she's found COUNTERFEIT TURDS out there. Whoever is selling this stuff is posing as the Tirdy Works crew but there's only one Tirdy Works! I was afraid of this. How can you tell what's real moose poop and what counterfeit poop? It seems Mary has trademarked her Tirdy Works stuff and someone trying to pretend to be her may be in for it. We've spent some time with Mary and we can tell you she's wicked smart and that she won't take any crap from anybody. Especially if they are messing with HER crap. Got get 'em, Mary. Oh my goodness. it's Maine Moose Crap Turf Wars! Watch what happens when Mary and Deb come along the imposter crap at a Maine gift shop.


Watch Tirdy Works every Tuesday night on TruTV.



The Captain and Celeste sat down with Mary a few weeks ago to discuss the show and cram as many Crap Jokes and Puns as possible into a 5-minute interview. Mary is hilarious and has The Captain and Celeste in absolute stitches. You'll get a good sample of some of the crappy stuff she makes with moose poop.  Be forewarned, with all the crap jokes there is a LOT of salty language that is not safe for work....or the radio!



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