Did You See The Beach Boys in Presque Isle?

We asked the question: Who saw the Beach Boys in Presque Isle? We got a lot of comments back and wanted to share them with you.

The Comments Tell a Story

Some of the comments are brief and some are a little more detailed. Put them all together and it tells a story of one of the biggest bands of all time coming to Star City to perform.

Brian Wilson, John Stamos & Paula Abdul

The moments that stand out are Brian Wilson making a rare appearance with the Beach Boys and John Stamos playing drums. Also, Paula Abdul was in Presque Isle with Stamos.

See the Gallery Below

Read the gallery and you’ll see an excited city on the 4th of July in 1990 going to an outdoor concert with a light rain.

Add to the Story

Leave a comment if you were there or have some information to add to the conversation.

We’ve also included a link to the original story about the Beach Boys in Presque Isle.

Who Saw the Beach Boys in Presque Isle?

Willie Nelson on Tour in 2007 when he came to Presque Isle, Maine

Willie Nelson came to the Forum in Presque Isle, Maine in 2007. It was his last time playing the Star City.

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