Tiny Turtle Rescued

This has got to be the tiniest turtle you’ll ever see in Maine. Maybe there are smaller ones, but this one is pretty tiny.

Did we mention how cute this little guy is? That’s not very scientific, but it’s a cute turtle.

Maine Department of Transportation Facebook Post

The Maine Department of Transportation employee thought it was a small rock or stone until it started moving. The worker got the hatchling to a safe place along a waterway and out of danger. MaineDOT doesn’t say where this happened, but it could be anywhere in the state and still be cool.

Read the Comments

You’ll see on Facebook, the many comments and likes the post got after it went up. The one comment that stands out is from the Virginia Department of Transportation. That’s right, Virginia follows MaineDOT. Bruce Poliquin posted a comment as well. You can read all the conversation in the embedded article below.

Helping Turtles Get Across the Road

Also in the comment section, the MaineDOT posted info to let us know that turtles are crossing the roads right now, and you can lend a helping hand.

Read the guide on how to help a turtle across a road. It’s important because of the obvious danger they face getting from one side to the other.

Basically it tells you how to pick up a small turtle and get it across a busy street. The turtle guide says to help the turtle in the direction it's moving. If not, they will go back the way they were going. It’s common sense and easy to do.

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Job Well Done

We need a post like this to be at one with nature and put a smile on your face. On behalf of the tiny turtle and Mainers alike, nice job MaineDOT - keep up the good work.

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