A 13-year-old student was seriously injured Tuesday after getting off the school bus in Gray and getting hit by a tractor-trailer truck.

Student Hit by Truck While Crossing the Road

The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office said the student was off the bus and crossing Lewiston Road when he was hit by the truck. He had serious injuries and was transported to Maine Medical Center.

Lights and Stop Arm on Bus Activated

Police said the lights and stop arm on the bus were activated at the time of the incident Tuesday afternoon, according to WGME News.

Authorities Investigating the Truck

The investigation is ongoing as authorities determine the speed of the tractor-trailer at the time of the crash. Officials are also looking at the truck’s inspection and equipment. Bard Trucking in Farmington owns the vehicle.

Counselors Available to Students

Students from the middle school and high school were taken to the school to meet with parents and counselors.

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