A dog missing for several weeks from Linneus was reunited with its owners after a Maine State Trooper located the dog in the woods near Smyrna and Oakfield.

Missing Dog Found and Returned to Owner

Cpl. Quint with Troop F in Aroostook County found the dog, Sadie, in a wooded area near the Interstate. Quint had searched on Monday also trying to locate the animal, but did not find the dog.

Trooper Secured Dog in Cruiser

The Maine State Police said Sadie was able to be coaxed and harnessed and put in a cruiser. Police said Cpl. Quint was “not familiar with who the dog belonged to” but had seen the missing dog post on Facebook.

Located Owner on Facebook

Quint “reached out to his Facebook contact (his wife) and was able to determine the owner from Facebook.”

Video of Family and Dog Reunited

See the video of the owners and Sadie being reunited.

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