You may have noticed when you’re driving on Route 1 in Aroostook County, Maine that Saturn is out of orbit in the Maine Solar System Model.

What's Saturn's Status?

A lot of people have been wondering - where is the sixth planet from the sun? Why is it not where it's supposed to be? When is it going to return?

Have no fear galactic wanderers, Saturn is safe and sound and getting some work done. Call it a “face lift” or call it planetary refurbishing.

Check out the picture above and see Nelson Theriault doing an excellent job sanding Saturn and preparing it for a new fiberglass cover. Plus, volunteers are giving "The Jewel of the Solar System" a new paint job. It will look better than ever when it’s done. Also, click here to see how Saturn was originally made.

When will Saturn be back?

So when will the second largest planet be back in action and shining proud on the roadside? Looks like soon - sometime this summer, according to Rachel Rice at the University of Maine, Presque Isle.

The Maine Solar System Model is something to be very proud of in northern Maine and around the world - even the universe. It’s the largest scale model of the solar system in the western hemisphere, said Rice, and the second largest in the entire world.

Reach for the stars & learn more

It’s really important to learn more about the Maine Solar System Model. The facts and photos of how it was built are so historical. It took an incredible team at the University of Maine at Presque Isle along with local communities to plan it out and pull everything together.

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Donations are always appreciated when it comes to maintaining the planets and everything that goes into it. As with Saturn, repairs and upkeep are sometimes needed.

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