A crew from Beaulieu's Garage of Caribou and Versant worked on Nov. 17 to take the Maine Solar System Model planet Saturn "out of orbit".

The planet is scheduled for refurbishments at Beaulieu's over the winter, including a new fiberglass cover and paint, with plans for it to be back in orbit in May.

"As with all aspects of the Maine Solar System Model, this work is being done completely through volunteer efforts and we are extremely grateful to organizations like Beaulieu's and Versant, along with the many community volunteers who have shown dedication to the project over the years, for their efforts to make the model the incredibly special attraction that it is," Kevin McCartney, coordinator of the solar system project, said.

Established by the University of Maine at Presque Isle and the northern Maine community the Maine Solar System Model is the second largest such model in the world.

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