The folks at Mad Science of Maine do all kinds of cool things. They bring their science magic to kiddos all across the Pine Tree State in schools, communities and even birthday parties!

Your kiddo's and the kids in the area will really enjoy Mad Science's demonstrations, especially when they watch them release a genie from a bottle, spew massive columns of foam with the use of a catalyst, turn water into juice, cause combustion to occur with no flame needed, learn how to tell the difference between acids and bases in a colorful chemical experiment, and watch a gummy bear dive to its doom in an eruptive chemical reaction!

The event takes place on Thursday, May, 10 at 4 p.m. at The Sargent Family Community Center, 23 Chapman Road, in Presque Isle.

This show is targeted at children ages K-5th grade but all are welcome to attend!

And the cool thing is that the event is absolutely FREE! 

For more information, contact the Sargent Family Community Center at (207) 764-2545.

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