There may have been no more significant moment in 2020 to make the people of Maine realize the COVID-19 pandemic was going to alter our lives than when L.L. Bean announced in May that their flagship location in Freeport would no longer operate 24 hours  a day, 7 days a week. When L.L. Bean installed locks on the door and shut the lights at 8pm, it was the first time in 7 decades that they weren't just open whenever you wanted to swing by. If that was a sign about how bad things were about to get, consider the announcement of L.L. Bean resuming 24/7 operations a sign of good things to come.

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According to the Portland Press Herald, L.L. Bean will return to 24/7 in Freeport starting on Monday. The company also plans to extend the hours for their popular boat & ski and home and bike stores as well. Even if you're not someone who plans on doing some light shopping at 3am on a Wednesday morning, the news of L.L. Bean being open just in case you wanted to is welcome news.

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Despite many companies facing financial windfalls in 2020, L.L. Bean had a terrific fiscal year. Once a prominent catalog company, L.L. Bean has found great success in recent years opening smaller retail locations across the country as well as Canada. They'll continue that trend in 2021, planning to open an additional 7 stores between the U.S. and Canada.

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