Once again, SNL finds itself off-season during some of the biggest political chaos in decades. The (remaining) cast continues to sharpen their impressions for fall, however, as Kate McKinnon revisits Jeff Sessions for a stop on Late Night With Seth Meyers.

The ever-expressive McKinnon acknowledged herself an unlikely choice to portray the Attorney General; explaining how the impression flowed from a Grinch-like curl of her upper lip. McKinnon even prefers the Sessions character to that of Kellyanne Conway, playing the former with more “joyfulness.”

McKinnon and Meyers also discussed one of her recurring pitches that never makes it past SNL table reads, and presumably won’t for Season 43, either. On that note, there’s every chance we’ll see McKinnon’s Sessions when Weekend Update strikes out in primetime this August (assuming Sessions has a job by then), rather than wait for fall.

In the meantime, watch the clip above, and stay tuned for more SNL over the summer.

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