When I brought you the most confusing intersection in Presque Isle, I received many comments and questions about other intersections in the area. I will work on getting out to those across The County, but this story is about what many say is the most dangerous intersection in Presque Isle.  

If you are looking for statistics on this intersection then I will stop you right here. I don't have the statistics on accidents in this area over the years, but I will try to find out when I have more time on my hands. If you have been through Presque Isle you know the intersection on the north end of Main Street that sits near Marden's, Pizza Hut, and the Aroostook Centre Mall. The traffic in this area comes from every corner of Aroostook County. Let's get to it!

North end of Main St in Presque Isle. There are many directions you can take from here.

As you can tell, I was on the scene early in the morning. I figured if I had to hop in line at KFC/Taco Bell by 8:30 a.m. that I might as well make the most of the time! It looks like our good friend Steve from Northern Business Products is ready to take on the intersection. This is where Main Street, Maysville Street, and the Connector Road all meet.

Two vehicles approaching the intersection from the Connector Road JC/TSM

Traffic from Maysville Street has not been as heavy as it typically is because a lot of traffic from Canada would be coming from that direction. But don't be mistaken, Maysville Street is still plenty busy right now.

View from Maysville St. JC/TSM

Now we approach the intersection from the Connector Road. Traffic can come from anywhere on this road. Many feel that the blind spots at the end of the street are the issue in this area.

There are many directions you can take from this intersection JC/TSM



If you are approaching Presque Isle from the Caribou and Washburn areas, or any point north, you come to the intersection via US Route 1.

Line em' up! JC/TSM
Look at all of the possible combinations JC/TSM

What are your experiences at this intersection? Let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions for dangerous intersections and roads in The County!

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