You've seen it and I've seen it. Hovering parents that think that they have to rescue or do everything for their kids and it's training them to be incompetent adults.

Some might call it 'bad parenting' and others may see it as 'parenting on purpose', but whatever you want to call it, there are practices that parents do to raise children, rather than adults, and they may not even realize it.

Amy Carney had some great suggestions of things we should not do for our kids, if we wish to raise them into adulthood, rather than them turning out to be a dependent child for the rest of their lives......and yours!

Here are 5 things that you should not be doing and if you are, stop it now.



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    Get Them An Alarm Clock!

    Jr. High School, if not earlier, is a great time to start teaching your little lovelies, how important it is for them to see to it that they get up on time. If they miss breakfast, they'll soon learn that the snooze button is not their greatest ally. At that age, they should be getting themselves out of bed, not you.

  • Sergiy Tryapitsyn, Thinkstock
    Sergiy Tryapitsyn, Thinkstock

    Laundry Is Not Your Main Role

    How many of you have had your tween or teen come at you with, "You didn't wash my favorite shirt for the movie tonight? How could you?" This is probably a great time for a little lesson in home economics. If they're old enough to drive themselves to a movie, then guess what? They're old enough to learn to do their own laundry.

  • Jupiterimages, Thinkstock
    Jupiterimages, Thinkstock

    Fighting Their Relationship Battles

    How many parents feel like they have to be the go between on every relationship their kiddo faces? Whether it's a teacher, boyfriend, girlfriend, coach or whomever, your child needs to realize that you are not always going to be there to fight their battles. Guiding them and advising them, when they ask, is one thing, but doing it for them is not helping them to become a competent adult.

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    Their Failure To Plan, Is Not Your Emergency!

    I have talked to parents who tell me that their tween or teen is pulling an all-nighter because they had two weeks to get a project completed and decided to blow it off until the last minute. What? Now all of a sudden it's your responsibility to bail them out? I trow not! How many of you fly out the front door to Wal-Mart to help bail your youngster out? Don't let the failure to plan on their part, be an emergency on yours.

  • diego_cervo, Thinkstock
    diego_cervo, Thinkstock

    Snooping At Their Grades...Daily!

    Hey, Parent! Do you want to know how to drive your mind completely nuts? That's easy. Just look at their grades online 2 or 3 times a day. There is nothing wrong with expecting your kids to work out their own grades. Every now and then it's ok to check up on them to ensure they are staying on course, but every day? You're setting yourself up and your child for failure by over parenting.

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