Have you been receiving phone calls from phone number's in other states that you are not familiar with? There are area code numbers that you should never call back.

Some have called this 'traffic pumping' and it can cost you quite a bit of money on your phone plan.

According to the FCC, traffic pumping is where your access is stimulated and happens when a local phone carrier, who have higher access charges, enters into an agreement with another company that has high call volumes such as, but not limited to 'free conference calls, adult entertainment lines, and party lines.

The regularity of these calls can cost the consumer a lot of money and is in violation to the FCC rules.

Here are 12 area codes that you should absolutely avoid answering.

  • 218 in northern Minnesota
  • 712 in Iowa

The FCC warns consumers to never call these numbers back. If you ever get a 'one ring and drop' call, don't call the number back to see who it was. It is a scam. The call goes back to outfits in another country and can cost you anywhere between $15 - $30 per call.

  • 268
  • 284
  • 473
  • 664
  • 649
  • 767
  • 809
  • 829
  • 849

Should you have any concerns about people or companies calling you or for more information on phone scams, or to file a complaint, you can reach out to the FCC here.

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