Have you ever seen an Albino Moose?

I'll tell you this, I had never. I did not even know they existed (at least I had never seen a video of one).

Until yesterday.

Check out this incredible video of an Albino Moose found up in Canada.

That massive beast of a Moose is beautiful...magical.

But are they really albino moose? And are they around Maine and New Hampshire?

Maybe not albino...but certainly white.

Look at this wild video, partially blurry, of a white moose in some Maine woods recorded by registered Maine Guide Larry Gooding, in Piscataquis Count.

Clearly the moose has a large section of white on their back, but is it an albino?

Likely not.

According to a National Geographic shared article about white moose, not all moose that are white are albino.

Many are piebald.

"Piebald deer are deer that have blotches of white coloration on portions of their hide that are usually dark in color," according to the North Carolina Wildlife Resource Commission. "Albino deer are deer that lack pigmentation and have a completely white hide and pink eyes, nose and hooves."

The same applies to moose - Including the moose from the video shot in Maine.

So it is not guaranteed that we have Albino moose in Maine or New Hampshire. We definitely DO have piebald moose.

Albino moose have been confirmed in Canada, like the first video, Norway, Sweden, and Alaska.

So it is possible that you could run into an Albino moose. There are Albino moose in Ontario...a short distance to Maine.

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