So just how hardcore are people in New England about the professional sports teams they love? If you had any doubts, those will disappear after hearing the story about a guy from Maine that was so irritated, angry and upset that his favorite NHL team is in the midst of yet another losing season, he dropped everything to drive nearly 600 miles to hold up a sign in front of their home stadium in hopes the team's ownership would match his passion.

Shared on Twitter by gfelstead, take a couple minutes and watch his lengthy journey from Maine to KeyBank Center in Buffalo. That's the home of the Buffalo Sabres, a team with a rich history that has repeatedly failed to meet expectations over the last decade. Despite having one of the most dynamic players in the NHL, the Sabres seem like they're cursed. Many fans are blaming ownership for a general malaise, even fans who live several states and hundreds of miles away.

So just how crazy was this trip? Round trip, this devoted Sabres fan drove more than 1,100 miles while spending nearly 20 hours behind the wheel. He proclaimed that it also cost him 28 gallons in gas, and who knows how much in tolls along the way.

Twitter via gfelstead
Twitter via gfelstead

Commenters on his Twitter post loved his passion but did have a gripe. If you're going to drive all that way, spend all that time and try to make a clear statement, you've got to show up with a better sign. The message was there, "SHOW US YOU CARE". Some more durable paper would have gone a long way.

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