Today is another birthday. Not someone you know, but something you've seen within the last 54-years. We're wishing the maple-leafed Canadian flag a happy birthday today.

The flag was established on February 15, 1965.

The flag came about as in 1964, then Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson formed a committee to once and for all replace the Union Flag with an official Canadian flag.

There were three choices the committee was able to choose from, but the winner of the three went to the design created by George Stanley, which was based on the flag of the Royal Military College of Canada.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, in a press release today, stated that the Maple Leaf embodies the values that Canadian's hold dearest: freedom, diversity, peace, and openness.

Outside of Canada, Trudeau observed that the Canadian Flag has become an emblem of respect and admiration as displayed on backpacks, at embassies or even in outer space.

Trudeau is encouraging all Canadians to take a moment an ponder what the Maple Leaf means to them and what it stands for in regards to other countries around the world.

Again, Happy Birthday to the Canadian Flag! We wish you many more!


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