Our reason to smile today comes to us from a story reported by Boston 25 News, it introduces us to Matt Goodman who sadly was only 15 when he lost his father to cancer in 2015.

But that didn't stop his dad, John, from pulling a few strings to ensure a few happy moments in the future...

Fast foward nearly 6 years later to Dec 5th, Matts 21st Birtday.

his sister, Casey, gave him an envelope containing a $10 bill that was from his dad..... Matt said, "Then she told me my dad had given her that before he passed away so he could buy me my first beer.

It was a pretty emotional night." The next day, he used the $10 to buy a Bud Light-his late father's favorite - and said, "It was pretty awesome, actually. It felt like he was with me through that whole thing. It felt like he was with me actually drinking a beer with me."

After a tweet about the experience went viral with over half a million likes, Budweiser took notice and replied, "We're raising one to your pops, Matt. He got your first beer and the next one's on us."

They then sent Matt eight cases of Bud Light. People across social media have also been reaching out, asking Matt for his Venmo username so that they could buy him a beer too. Its happened so much since... he decided to use his new found notoriety for good - so instead of collecting beer money, he's asking people to donate to the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, where his father received care. Here's to you Matt...and your dad too...thank you for sharing your story with us...and giving us all a reason to smile today.


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