Monday Night

The New England Patriots play a critical prime time game Monday night, December 6 against the Buffalo Bills.

New England has won its last six games in a row and is looking to make it a seven game winning stretch. The Bills have a 7 and 4 record going into the game with home field advantage.

First Place in the AFC East

What matters the most right now is the AFC East and first place in the division. It’s between the Patriots and Bills, and will be decided on Monday Night Football.

Listen to the game live on 101.9 The Rock, WOZI, Presque Isle. The pregame starts at 5:30 p.m. with the kick off scheduled for 8:20 p.m. Stay tuned for the post game wrap up after it’s all said and done.

Patriots Key Players

Some key Patriots players to watch on the New England Patriots is Damien Harris. He is looking for a good game after a tough one against the Titans. He did score a touchdown, but only carried the ball for 40 yards overall. 

Mac Jones is always on the watchlist as he grows into a premier quarterback in the National Football League. he had a huge game against Tennessee with a career high of 310 yards passing.

You’ve also got Kendrick Bourne and Jakobi Meyers playing excellent. They are going to be key to getting open and taking the pressure off the offensive line and Jones.

The Cheerleaders

The New England Patriots Facebook page is one of the best out there. It has updated and current info every day. A big shout out to the Patriots Cheerleaders. They are such an important part of the team and the fans. 

More Classic Rock

Thanks for listening and enjoy the game on The Rock. Be sure to stay tuned for more awesome classic rock after the post game.


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