Any time there are hints or threats to cuts in the national budget means the amenities that are dear to us may be downsized or, in some cases, come to an end.

A report has come out that four small airports in the Pine Tree State may see a huge cut in services that benefit local residents in those areas.

The Washington Post reports that the Essential Air Service program is one of about 50 programs that could be axed if President Trump's budget is approved.

For now, the following airports in Maine would be affected: Northern Regional Airport in Presque Isle, Augusta State Airport, Bar Harbor Airport in Trenton and Knox County Regional Airport in Owl Head.

These airports have passenger flight service contracts that are being funded with approximately $10 million dollars of EAS funding, according to the report.

The airport manager of Northern Maine Regional Airport in Presque Isle, Scott Wardwell said he has seen this before. Former administrations have hinted of the same thing, but it never happened. Wardwell is not fully convinced that it will happen this time, at least he is hopeful that it won't.

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