**UPDATE: The Edmundston Police Force has reported that the threats that led to 16 schools in the Francophone North West School District's were indeed hoaxes.

In a press release put out on Wednesday afternoon, the school district confirmed that all schools and administrative offices will be open on Thursday, November 1.

Edmundston Police have arrested a student after an apparent gun threat led to the closure of schools and offices in the Northwestern French School district in the  Edmundston area.

**Original Story:

Earlier this morning, Global News stated that Edmundston police received two calls that a teenager had intended to bring a firearm to school.

According to authorities, police received the first call at 5:34 a.m. AST from a man who claimed that his son's friend intended to go to Edmundston's Cite de Jeunes A.-M.- Sormay High School with a rifle.

Police confirmed that a second call was received around 6:15 a.m. AST stating that a young male was carrying a rifle around in a guitar case.

Edmundston police and the RCMP are conducting an intensive investigation into the case and advised that all Francophone North West School District's have been closed because of the risk.

Inspector Steve Robinson of Edmundston police said that threat could have possibly been a Halloween hoax. However, they were taking no chances when they closed down 16 schools in the district, which extends from Grand Falls to Madawaska.

Insp. Robinson did say that the RCMP believes the threat came from the Haut-Madawaska area of the region and it is also believed that it is the same region where the student is from.

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