A 29-year-old woman from Easton will spend four years in prison after being convicted of the overdose death of her 14-month son.

Guilty of Manslaughter

Mariah Dobbins was also sentenced to six years of probation. She was found guilty in July of 2023 for manslaughter.

1-Year-Old Found Unresponsive in Easton Home in March 2023

Dobbins was found guilty after police found her 1-year-old son unresponsive at her home on Center Road in Easton. She was sentenced to 12 years with eight years suspended.

Admitted to Using Meth

She told investigators that she did not use fentanyl, but said she did do meth. Her family and friends said they believed the drugs were left at the home by someone else, according to the Portland Press Herald.

Maine Assistant Attorney General

In court records, Assistant Attorney General Leanne Robbin said “The level of fentanyl found in Jaden’s blood and gastric contents was higher than that found in adult overdose deaths. We can only conclude that he was ingesting fentanyl powder by the handful.”

Probation Terms

Dobbins will have to serve the whole 12 years if she violates the terms during her probation period.

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